Oregon’s family farms & ranches are under attack. We need your help to defend them!
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L – R: Rep. Bobby Levy (Echo – Sheep and Mixed Cropping), Rep. Vikki Breese Iverson (Prineville – Cattle Ranch), Rep. Mark Owens (Burns – Hay Farm), Rep. Jami Cate (Lebanon – Grass Seed Farm)

This is our chance to stop the insanity threatening agriculture in Oregon.

THIS IS THE YEAR WE CAN CHANGE IT ALL. With your contribution of $250, $500, $1000, or more we can hold our own against the incredible power of special interest groups and unions who have a stranglehold on Oregon’s Legislative priorities. 

Here are some of the ugly proposals & threats we've been working to stop:

Outlawing meat production practices – making it animal abuse

Putting a gas tax on off-road diesel sales – adding 38 cent cost per gallon

Bans on natural gas/propane – limiting the efficiency of nurseries and processors

Limits to CAFO operational abilities and citing

3% excise taxes on tires

Reductions to Oregon’s Right to Farm Act

Increased Inheritance Tax – further jeopardizing the survival of multi-generational farms

Elimination of protections under Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) zoning

Water wars failing to prioritize the needs of ag producers

Ban on diesel by 2028 and increased gas taxes.

Free health care costing $22 billion to Oregon’s businesses & taxpayers

Carbon emission taxing based on increasing sequestration thresholds

Privilege taxes – extra tax on off-road vehicles, heavy and light-duty trucks

And just some of the horrible legislation we've fought against:

CAT tax – a compounding sales tax on everything we buy and at every link in the supply chain adding extra cost burden on top of runaway inflation

Ag overtime – radical administrative changes costing farms & ranches thousands more every year

Water shut-offs and degradation of water rights

Heat rules and chemical bans

Paid Family Medical Leave—another cost burden placed on businesses eroding razor-thin profit margins

Increased wolf and predator protections – leaving our herds devastated

Massive over-regulation and agency rule-making hurting our industry–with little to no industry input

We cannot wait, we must act now!

Right now money is needed in critical campaigns for candidates we trust to help in this fight for Oregon agriculture. Join the AG First PAC, and your contribution of $50 or more immediately makes you a hero of agriculture in Oregon.